Hey, I’m Agustin, a front-end engineer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I mainly focus on developing digital products using Next and React.

Besides programming, I’m an enthusiast about automation software that enables faster development. I have been working since 2017 with Kubernetes and deploy pipelines to help my team in the process of continuous delivery.

In my free time I’m hanging out with friends, watching some anime (yes, I’m a big fan of the japanese culture), working on side projects or reading about coding stuffs in DEV Community and Medium.

Work Experience

Civic Plus — Manhattan, TX

Frontend Engineer UI/UX, 2021 — Present

  • Collaborated with designers and cross-functional teams to develop responsive web applications using React, enhancing user experiences.
  • Maintained and expanded the design component library, implementing new React components for consistency and efficiency across projects.
  • Wrote comprehensive unit tests using Jest and Enzyme, ensuring high-quality code.
  • Conducted usability and accessibility audits, implementing UI/UX enhancements to optimize user satisfaction and engagement.

Banco Supervielle — Buenos Aires, Argentina

Software Engineer, 2013 — 2021

  • Increased mortgage loans operations by 35% by implementing an online simulator with pre-qualified offers, enhancing customer experience.
  • Generated $1MM in fixed-term deposits through a user-friendly simulator.
  • Developed an app integrated with Facebook Messages, resulting in over 100k monthly queries and increased customer engagement.
  • Implemented a money exchange functionality, leading to $2MM in sales.
  • Improved the release cycle by 60% with the successful implementation of the first Jenkins pipeline.
  • Launched an online system for selling gold to end customers, driving $500k in sales.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by implementing an appointment system for branches, reducing waiting time by 35%.