About me

Hey, I’m Agustin, a software engineer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I mainly focus on developing digital products using Next and React.

I started this journey on the internet building crappy websites in Blogger, as far back as 2007. From improving their templates got my first steps towards Front-end development. Since then I have been playing around with a lot of languages and frameworks.

Besides programming, I’m an enthusiast about automation software that enables faster development. I have been working since 2017 with Kubernetes and deploy pipelines to help my team in the process of continuous delivery.

In my free time I’m hanging out with friends, watching some anime (yes, I’m a big fan of the japanese culture), working on side projects or reading about coding stuffs in Hacker news and Medium

Personal projects

Hacienda online

A decoupled website using Next and GraphQL for the frontend and Strapi for the backend.


A website builded on Laravel PHP and UIkit framework for the ux. It has several scripts in PHP to fetch data of benefits from different websites.


A PHP website to help users to upload and share content based on text and image.